Bobee Polka Dot Wall Decals

Product Review: Bobee Polka Dot Wall Decals

Thanks for visiting me! Follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my RSS feed so you won’t miss a thing…. Continue reading »

HUGAFON iPhone 6 Plus Full body Case

Product Review: HUGAFON iPhone 6 Plus Case with Built-in Screen

Meet my electronic baby: One thing I don’t play around with is the safety of my iPhone 6 Plus. I… Continue reading »

Priority Chef Knife Sharpener

Product Review: Priority Chef Knife Sharpener

One thing I never invested in was a good quality knife. Before I was serious about cooking, any knife from… Continue reading »

Drako Hands Silicone Gloves

Drako Hands BBQ & Kitchen Silicone Gloves

Product Review: Drako Hands BBQ & Kitchen Silicone Gloves Although this product is the third or fourth pair of silicone… Continue reading »

KP Kitchen Batter Dispenser

Product Review: KPKitchen Pancake Batter Dispenser

Do you know what my family’s favorite go-to dinner is? Breakfast. Breakfast for dinner. Turkey bacon (in the oven) or… Continue reading »

Curling Cream

Product Review: Arvazallia Ultra Curl Defining Cream

One thing I love about my hair is its curl pattern. Well, less of a curl, but more of a… Continue reading »

Hango Lunch Bags

Product Review: Hango Lunch Bags

These lunch bags came just in time! My boys were asking if they could take their lunch to school one… Continue reading »

Autobar Support Handle

Product Review: AutoBar Support Grab Handle

My 6-year-old son has the hardest time getting in and out of vehicles. My husband has had our family vehicle… Continue reading »

Dot&Dot 15 Packing Sleeve

Product Review: Dot&Dot 15” Packing Sleeve

I am so excited you guys!! On Friday I will be visiting my new home back in Pennsylvania!! My husband… Continue reading »

Dot&Dot 18 Packing Sleeve

Product Review: Dot&Dot 18” Packing Envelope

See why I’m so excited about this packing sleeve in this blog post!!! In the blog post I wrote before… Continue reading »


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