Yumms Burger Press

Product Review: Yumms Burger Press

Thanks for visiting me! Follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my RSS feed so you won’t miss a thing…. Continue reading »

UQIQUE Mini Digital Voice Recorder Top

Product Review: UQIQUE Mini Digital Voice Recorder

I order boneless skinless chicken breasts from my Schwan’s delivery driver about once a month. He carries around a mini… Continue reading »

NutriRevolution Phytoceramides

Product Review: NutriRevolution Phytoceramides

Still going strong! Back in this post, I reviewed this product, NutriRevolution Phytoceramides. I explained how my mother has zero… Continue reading »


Product Review: ErgoGrip Comfort Grip for Tablets

When I made the decision to buy my children iPad Minis, I knew I had to get them cases to… Continue reading »

Minzos 4-in-1 Turbo Pen

Product Review: Minzos 4-in-1 TurboPen

It didn’t take much convincing for me to review a stylus that’s also a pen that’s also a flashlight that’s… Continue reading »

IV Coconut Colon Cleanse

Product Review: Island Vibrance Coconut Colon Cleanse

I love it when I’m able to find a gentle colon cleanse. Sometimes they are just too harsh, and I… Continue reading »

Empty Case

Product Review: QiShare Wrap Organizer Case

If you should know anything about me, just know that I qm an Apple junkie, and so is my family…. Continue reading »

Bellemain Cordless Kettle

Product Review: Bellemain Cordless Kettle

I’ve always thought of a kettle as an old-fashioned item, vintage, if you will. I never had the desire to… Continue reading »

MPC Lemon Oil

Product Review: Lemon Essential Oil

Back when I tried my first Lemon Essential Oil, I completely forgot I had wool dryer balls I could have… Continue reading »

Indian Healing Clay

Product Review: Indian Healing Clay by Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals

While researching different types of products for my hair, I came across some information on YouTube about using bentonite clay… Continue reading »


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